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Thank You Note

Our amazing postpartum doula, Margaret McKinley Owens, has taken care of our entire family this fall.

Like many moms, Jewish and not, I struggled heavily both emotionally and physically following the birth of my first child. I knew I'd need help the second time around.

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JCRC Condemns Recent Wave of Deadly Terror Attacks Against Israelis

Photo from Wikipedia.

A wave of violent terrorism has left several Israelis dead and dozens others, including toddlers and young children, seriously wounded. Beyond the obvious intent of these attacks, which is to kill Jews simply because they are Jewish, these assaults aim to terrorize Israel's civilian population and sow additional mistrust between Jewish Israelis and their Palestinian Israeli neighbors.

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The Baby Name Game

Welcome to the world, Natalia!

I didn't need a ceremony to introduce my daughter to the Jewish community. Instead, I get to tell the story behind her name to friends and family organically over coffee breaks, play dates, and holiday dinners.

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Music Writer/Journalist


Are you a writer with an in-depth knowledge of the local music scene and trends in music, have experience covering live shows and interviewing musicians? Great. We have a gig for you.

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