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How Shabbat Is Like A Math Problem

Jerusalem Old Train Station

Living in Jerusalem is a deeply spiritual experience. Shabbat in Jerusalem is incomparable. I’ve lived for five months in Tel Aviv, where bars, grocery stores and shops are still open on Shabbat. Shabbat in Jerusalem, on the other hand, looks ...

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The Revolution is Here

Went to the Minneapolis Jewish Federation’s first Revolution event last night. It was truly an experience.  It was inspiring to see such passion in my fellow Jews to create a new kind of Jewish community that has relevant activities for ...

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The Struggle Brings Truth

Only in defeat and feeling as though you’ve lost everything can you truly find inner peace. Don’t shy away from those moments in life. Let your failures help you find the strength to keep going, and ultimately guide you forward ...

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I’ve now been in Israel for over a month and it’s crazy to see how much has changed since I got to Petah Tikva. I’m still not used to living here and I don’t know if I’ll ever fully be ...

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Israel, As Told Through Graffiti


The story of Israel is a tumultuous one, and it isn’t always easy to explain. But Heffez stumbled upon graffiti as the perfect storyteller to simplify the narrative without dumbing it down. Heffez spent a year in Israel and the West Bank photographing and translating over 200 pieces of street art. Unsurprisingly, he was met with plenty of roadblocks along the way: tear gas and a broken leg, to name a few.

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The past few weeks have been very trying for me as an individual. Not only have I been trying to start a new life in Israel on my 10 month program teaching English in Petah Tikva, but there’s also been ...

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Amir School Petah Tikva

Today I finally had an opportunity to observe the school I’ll be teaching English at for the next 10 months in Israel. It was truly an eye opening experience, and I couldn’t believe how incredible the school environment was. The ...

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