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U of M Students Party, Israel Style!


On Thursday, November 7, Israel groups on campus organized one big Israel party to recognize Israel’s accomplishments and beauty. Israel Club Night was the one event that pro-Israel students all across the political spectrum were able to celebrate Israel’s existence!

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A Glimpse Into Israel’s Booming Film Industry


Indeed, the Israeli film industry has gained remarkable traction in recent years, thanks in part to over $10 million in public funding and international investments the industry has received yearly since 2000. This has led to more opportunities for filmmakers and thus, better films. In 1995, .3% of Israeli moviegoers bought tickets to Hebrew-language cinema. Today, 10% of Israel’s box office sales are for Israeli films.

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A Conversation with Acclaimed Writer Yossi Klein Halevi

klein halevi featured

Temple Israel and Adath Jeshurun hosted Klein Halevi as scholar in residence at their congregations last weekend. The two congregations and JCRC hosted a breakfast for communal professionals Friday morning. TC Jewfolk caught up with Klein Halevi during the busy weekend. Below are excerpts from our conversation.

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The Road Not Traveled: A Day In Ancient Galilee


Where did your family come from? If you pose this question to American Jews, the response will likely be, "Russia," "Poland," "Germany," "Lithuania," "Hungary," or another country that was part of the Ashkenazi Jewish world. Ask that question in Israel and you will hear all of the above, plus "Yemen," "Iraq," "Iran," "Morocco," "Ethiopia," and more—a true ingathering of the exiles from every corner of the world.

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Three Talks Kick Off New Jewish Studies Season

eugene avrutin

Israeli documentaries, Russian-Jewish photography from the early twentieth-century, and Yiddish radio – these are a just a few of the topics that will be covered in this year’s Community Lecture Series, presented by the Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Minnesota. The series is celebrating its tenth year, and will kick off the season with three exciting programs in October.

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Feminism and J Street

Sen. Sandy Pappas (DFL-65), Rep. Phyllis Kahn (DFL-60B), and Sen. Patricia Torres Ray (DFL-63)

The grassroots lobbying organization J Street has a main goal to find a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians. A lot of focus has been given at this conference to the plight of the Palestinian people, the humanity on both sides of the conflict, and the desire from both sides for peace. To feel so strongly for peace, not just for Israel’s sake but for Palestine’s, requires a keen sympathy from J Street supporters for The Other. J Street as an organization doesn’t focus on women’s rights, but that ethos of sympathy for the Other extends not just from Jews towards Palestinians, but also from men towards women, and it’s been evident everywhere at this conference.

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Minnesota J Street at the National Conference

garber and rosenthal featured

Now in its fourth year the 2013 J Street National Conference attracted around 3,000 people from all over the country. Late yesterday we sat down with two Minnesotans: Ron Garber, Chair of J Street Minnesota, and Aaron Rosenthal, Steering Committee Member of J Street Minnesota.

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First Day Coverage of J Street Conference


Welcome to TC Jewfolk’s coverage of the 2013 J Street National Conference. We’ll be covering the ups and downs, highs and lows, talls and shorts, heavens and hells and all the other size-related metaphors for the entire conference. Your fearless reporter did this kind of thing once before at the AIPAC conference in March, so while I’ll try as much as possible to talk about the J Street Conference as its own thing, I’ll likely sink into comparing the two quite a bit.

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