TC Jewfolk Kicks Off Hanukkah Blog Series

Hanukkah is a great example of the Jewish Holiday motto “They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat.” If you want the rest of the details for the holiday – you know, questions like Who tried to kill us? How did we win? What do we eat? Where can I buy great Hanukkah gifts in the Twin Cities? What are cool Hanukkah events in Minneapolis and St. Paul? – don’t miss TC Jewfolk’s 2009 Hanukkah blog series.

Ask Shuli: J.A.P. Momala

Dear Shuli: My kids are looking forward to my mom’s visit next month for Hanukkah, but I’m dreading it. The cliché is that the mother-in-law is overbearing, but to tell you the truth—it’s my own mom.

Art Call For Everybody: Create a Ticket to Jerusalem

I recently stumbled across the Ticket to Jerusalem mail art project. The idea is brilliantly simple: create a “perfect” airplane ticket to Jerusalem and mail it away. All of the entries will be posted online, and some will be selected to be exhibited internationally and published in a book (all artists selected for the book will receive a copy). I thought to myself, “wait a second . . . somebody like me, with no formal art training and an arguable amount of natural artistic talent, can be a published artist? And maybe even have my art exhibited?”

Nazis, Christian Hugs, Flash Mobs, & Holocaust Photo Shoots: This week’s Shavua Tov

Shavua Tov. Hope you all had a great week and a delicious turkey day. Here’s a taste of this week’s Jewish News. A magazine uses a Holocaust Memorial for a photo shoot, trial starts for an Ohio autoworker accused of Nazi crimes, Netanyahu calls for a settlement freeze, and terrorism in Israel, plus we’re throwing in some great videos that have been circulating the Jewish web – the Christian Side Hug and a Hanukkah Flash Mob in Jerusalem. Enjoy.

Noshin’ Recipe: Sweet Potato Latkes

Do you smell that? Oh yes you do! It’s the smell of delicious things frying in the kitchen! Hanukkah isn’t just the festival of light, it’s the festival of light because it’s really the festival of oil.

PopRocks: Dishing on “New York, I Love You” and Natalie Portman’s Head

Natalie Portman has a really pretty head. This was, for my money, the main takeaway from her role as a frum bride-to-be in the movie New York, I Love You, which was also overshadowed in advance publicity for the movie by her role as a director for one of the short films that make up the larger movie. The whole thing was good, please don’t get me wrong – but her head definitely got short shrift in reviews this time around.

The Jew-Date Diaries: Advice from Mom

In the fourth installment of The Jew-Date Diaries, “Julia” gets some advice from her ima and learns that maybe she’d be looking for the wrong type of guy.