A Passover Reflection on Freedom

In every generation, each person must tell the Passover story as though she or he were personally liberated from Egypt. From slavery. Why are we required to retell this story, and to retell it as if we ourselves have experienced it?

At the Forefront of Social Change

A look at NCJW, the longest standing Jewish women’s volunteer organization in America, in the last of three guest posts for Women’s History Month on TC Jewfolk.

Ask Shuli: Pissed on Passover

Dear Shuli: My brother got drunk at the seder last year, couldn’t help with the dishes, and I got resentful. How can I get past this so I’m not still mad this Pesach? –Manischewitz Maiden

What the Bleep? This Week's News

Don’t miss these stories on Obama’s snub to Bibi, Minnesota’s AJW rips on Israel, the Hasidic Lady Gaga, Eric Cantor on health care, fake matzah, and Amy Winehouse naming her, um, well….