Easy Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Dinner

Corned beef and cole slaw from Cecil’s. Grilled cheese with tomato soup and 1% milk at Herzl Camp. Pizza and soda at Temple Israel’s Bar Mitzvah training. Oh, how things have changed for me.

Who the Folk?! | Zoe Stern

It’s the first installment of our new weekly profile series, “Who the Folk?!” Each week we’ll interview a different member of the TC tribe. First up, the fabulous Zoe Stern!

Take A Virtual Tour of Safed

Summer Birthright registration is open. If you’re lucky enough to be going this summer, read all about Safed before you go. If you’ve already been, learn things you may not have known.

How Shabbat Is Like A Math Problem

Living in Jerusalem is a deeply spiritual experience. Shabbat in Jerusalem is incomparable. I’ve lived for five months in Tel Aviv, where bars, grocery stores and shops are still open on Shabbat. Shabbat in Jerusalem, on the other hand, looks like an apocalyptic zombie dead zone with less tumbleweeds. Run out of dish soap? Toilet […]