The Murder Of Our Own

Ron Feingold writes an op-ed on the terrible Jerusalem light rail terror attack, calling out both Fatah and the larger Jewish community.

Courage Under Fire: Girls on Film

Two films–Gett, The Trial of Vivian Amsale, and Zero Motivation–are both female-driven films and are premiering at the Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival.

Happiness: It’s a Serious Problem

There is well known Jewish tale about a poor man who lived with his wife and children in a tiny one-room house. They were always getting in each other’s way in their cramped and crowded quarters and, needless to say, no one was very happy.

But What Should I Be? Halloween: A Time of Reflection

“I think as Jews our choices always matter and while we value fun and pleasure, before we can enjoy something we have an obligation to do our best to ensure others are not being harmed for our entertainment.” — A fantastic read about Halloween and Jewish values from Amy Ariel.

My Date With Baruch Spinoza

New Jerusalem, currently playing at the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company, brings to life the dynamic ideas of Baruch Spinoza. In short: it’s like bacon-wrapped macaroni-and-cheese on a stick.