“Is Everything Okay?”

These three words, received in a text, immediately send my heart racing. They are my three least favorite words, and yet, they’ve seemed to plague my time so far.

A Third Intifada

The media is calling this a third intifada. At first we were hesitant to call it that, but it is now becoming clearer. And this time the terrorists are using a new tactic, a tactic that is almost impossible to track.

My Life In Israel: A New Beginning

The following column is not meant to be political, nor is it meant to ignore politics… Rather, it is meant to draw in the reader to a reality in which politics is much like the weather: it exists and as a result, you dress appropriately.

Bubbe’s Is Best: Bubbe Ruthie’s Corn Dish

We’re incredibly excited to announce this new series. In conjunction with Sholom, welcome to “Bubbe’s is Best.” Each month-ish we’ll be featuring a new Sholom resident and family, talking about that one dish that bubbe (or zayde) cooks better than anyone else.