Jewish Jobs: TC Jewfolk Editorial Intern

TC Jewfolk is looking for interns! We are looking for creative individuals who want professional experience in the journalism/new media fields. The  editorial media interns will be responsible for writing and editing articles, as well as updating TCJ’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Experience blogging, writing for the web and with social media is preferred. Schedules […]

Help Houston Rebuild: Floods Devastate Jewish Community

You know that story about Noah and the flood? Pretty much happened to the Houston metro area this week, minus the ark. Between Monday night and Tuesday morning, the area was devastated with a torrential 11 inches of rain that resulted in massive flooding, power outages and destruction of property. The Houston Jewish community is […]

This Year in Jerusalem: From Minnesota to Israel

Why does a 47-year old man, who has been Jewish for only five years, uproot his life, change careers, and leave a holy community that has become attached to his soul in order to become a rabbi? Because it’s the only way forward.

Mishegas of Motherhood

Before I began actively searching for a local Jewish community, what I already had was an amazing online network of smart, kind, and funny Jewish women. I want to introduce you to one of them today.