Thank You Note

Like many moms, Jewish and not, I struggled heavily both emotionally and physically following the birth of my first child. I knew I’d need help the second time around.

Another Message to American Jews from One Living in Europe

As a Jewish woman with Israeli heritage, who grew up in NYC and currently resides in London, I too find the media infuriating and am relentlessly posting statuses, articles and videos to demonstrate to people that we’re not evil monsters out to oppress Palestinians and rule the world.

Meet Ezra Schwartz

He’s eighteen and spending his gap year in Israel, just like my own children did. At least he was until yesterday. Now he’s dead.

David Royce, Sculptor of Light

“I’ve been doing this for over half my life now,” says Royce, 31, he started work as an apprentice glassworker at just 15 when he was visiting a community clay studio owned by a family friend.