Celebrate The Opening Of SLP’s New CPA Firm

One is from St. Paul, the other from Minneapolis. One went to Ramah, the other went to Herzl. One’s family business was steel, the other was scrap metal. But Tracy Truesdell and Danny Abrams see their differences as strengths in the launch of their new business. Abrams P.C. opened in St. Louis Park in October, […]

Jacobs Out As St. Paul Federation CEO

St. Paul Jewish Federation said that it “has accepted the resignation” of CEO Rob Jacobs, effective Dec. 31. Jacobs started in the role July 2017, replacing Eli Skora who retired after 17 years in charge. “Rob has helped make significant progress on a number of very important issues in our community,” said Mark Adelman, president […]

Join Temple of Aaron For A Guinness Record Attempt

Six years ago, NCSY set a Guinness World Record when 1,000 menorahs were lit at one time in Stamford, Conn. On Dec. 2, Temple of Aaron is going to try and top that. The Menorah Challenge will aim to light up Temple of Aaron with – at least – 1,001 menorahs being lit. “I was […]

Truth In Jerusalem Is More Negotiable Than Reality

JERUSALEM — My reality is that I wake up every day in a building that once belonged to Arab Palestinians (or whatever term readers would like to use for the previous owners). I had guessed at it, walking past an engraving on the road that I assumed was Ottoman. But it’s different to be told […]

Six13 Takes On Queen In ‘Bohemian Chanukah’

It wouldn’t be a holiday without Six13 dropping their annual Hanukkah parody. Timely as ever with the release of the Freddie Mercury biopic earlier this month, the Jewish a cappella group capture the spirit of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody with Bohemian Chanukah. Chag Sameach to us all!

Who The Folk?! David Benowitz

What does it take to open a new restaurant? What about turning a bar into a full-service restaurant? This week we sit down with David Benowitz, the COO of Craft & Crew restaurant group who tells us just that. We talk about the recently announced restaurant slated to open next year in St. Louis Park […]

Jew Review: Adam Sandler’s Netflix Special

It started when I read the headline, “Adam Sandler is funny again.” Had to be clickbait. But then a video popped up on my newsfeed of Adam Sandler singing (explicitly) about his phone, wallet, and keys and to my surprise, it was really really funny. He was on a stage in a giant hoodie and […]

Watching Israel From Inside The Yeshiva

I am watching the world through a glass wall. That’s how it feels to be in yeshiva, happy to be studying Judaism, but growing increasingly angry at the fact that I have no time for anything else. A year ago I left home to travel, and not tied to anything or anyplace, in particular, I […]

Neither Dead Nor Dying: A View from the Cheap Seats

At this very moment I find myself on a plane heading to the Holy Land to attend the GA (General Assembly) for the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), where I intend to learn more about the Diaspora’s relationship with Israel, gain insight into beliefs about the efficacy of 2-state solutions, and maybe even come […]