An Invitation Home

My first Shabbat service in more than 20 years was in Jerusalem. An atheist Jew, sitting on a hard, limestone terrace with my wife, a secular agnostic, under a hazy, thick night sky with 19 other couples who, outside of similar demographics, we barely knew. Our Rabbi invited us to join him in prayer if […]

In Belarus, Finding A Dwindling Jewish Community

VITEBSK, Belarus — Vitebsk, the original home of world-renowned artist Marc Chagall, is an apologetic city. On everyone’s face is written a different variation of “nu, so we live here.” As they walk on the slushy sidewalks in the biting winter wind, going about their business under overcast grey skies that sometimes open for a […]

A Farewell to Snow…

About three and half years ago, Shaked and I packed my car up with all of my stuff in Miami, and started a long road trip back to where I grew up – here in the Twin Cities. See, Shaked was trying to decide if she’d join me in Minnesota, but before that, she wanted […]

In Honor of Caregivers

PEARLS for Caregivers is a short-term counseling and life coaching program specifically designed for caregivers dealing with their own depression.