Perspective On Fascists & Israeli Elections

On Wednesday, Feb. 20, a coalition of the Jewish Home and National Union (two right-wing Israeli political parties) voted to include Otzma Yehudit, or Jewish Power, in the coalition for Israel’s upcoming national elections on April 9. While the Israeli right wing already poses an issue for more liberal-minded Jews, the Otzma party is another […]

Who The Folk?! Sarah McVicar

Sarah McVicar, who besides being a graduate student at Metro State in St. Paul, has become incredibly active at Mount Zion Temple with their Mental Health Task Force. As we wrap Jewish Disabilities Awareness Acceptance and Inclusion month, Sarah talks about what Mount Zion focused on this year, how to carry that work through the […]

You’re Invited: Super Funday!

Remember when the Minneapolis Jewish Federation had a day of calling the community to give to the annual campaign? What was once called Super Sunday is now a thing of the past, and those days of volunteers staffing phone banks are long gone. After a great Super Funday in 2018 (despite a snowstorm and an […]

The Hidden Benefits Of Chauffeuring Your Kids

I am sitting on a flight home from what was supposed to be a relaxing family ski trip which transformed to a lovely vacation with minimal skiing due to the fact that my youngest daughter did a “yard sale” during the last run on the first ski day of the trip. My anxiety as a […]

U of M Task Force Recommends Renaming Buildings

A new, 125-page report from a University of Minnesota Task Force on Building Names and Institutional History is recommending the renaming of four campus buildings because they were named for men with a history of anti-Semitism and racism. School president Eric Kaler will make his recommendation to the Board of Trustees on March 8; that […]