Community Chaplaincy Program Expands

As part of JFS’s commitment to mental health and well-being, the Community Chaplaincy program has been expanded. JFS Community Chaplain Rabbi Lynn Liberman will now serve in a full-time capacity at JFS.

Does Ilhan Omar Understand the Impact of her Words? Minnesotans Want to Know

Minnesotans are no strangers to political trailblazing; however, we are also known for honesty and kindness. Representative Ilhan Omar is certainly a trailblazer, yet her recent anti-Semitic tweets and statements are deeply offensive. They have caused consternation among Minnesota voters, including myself, not just for their insensitivity, but because they further call into question whether […]

Giving Circle Funds Mental Health Program

Several members of Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul’s Giving Circle attended the JFS Board of Directors meeting on February 25 with Federation President Mark Adelman to present a $1,000 check to support a new Mental Health Film Series initiative that will be offered later this year.

Herding Goats

With goats, you’re supposed to lead from the back. They don’t like to follow people, and in their own herds, the strongest ones stay near the back to make sure the kids and the infirm don’t get left behind. I think the same is true in our Jewish ecosystem – If we want to actually […]

Jews Back Omar Over Islamophobic Slurs

Recent Islamophobic hate speech targeting Rep. Ilhan Omar, of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district, has generated widespread outrage while the Congresswoman is simultaneously under criticism for new anti-Semitic comments. Over the past week, the phrase “Assassinate Ilhan Omar” was found graffitied onto the bathroom stall of a gas station in Rogers, Minnesota. On Friday, a poster […]

Ilhan Omar On Dual Loyalty

[Editor’s note: Many of Rep. Omar’s constituents are part of the TC Jewfolk community as well. So for the sake of due diligence on Omar’s latest anti-Semitism controversy, where she implies that American Jews have dual loyalty to America and Israel, TC Jewfolk transcribed the majority of the answer during which Omar made those remarks. […]

Omar-Lowey Twitter Exchange

[Editor’s note: In a Sunday Twitter exchange with Rep. Nita Lowey from New York, Rep. Ilhan Omar doubled down on her Wednesday comment that “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country,” in response to a question […]

JLink™ Feature Friday: February Edition

Get to know Jewish professionals and JLink members in this month’s Feature Friday roundup! Gabrielle Engler Gabrielle Engler is the owner of The Art Room MN and a licensed K-12 art teacher. She is originally from New York and moved to Minnesota in 2013 after finishing her Master’s in Art Education from Brooklyn College. She has been teaching art […]