TC Jewfolk’s Most-Read In 2019

What a year, huh? Not only does today mark the last day of the decade, but it also marks the end of the first decade of TC Jewfolk. This year, we reached more people on TC Jewfolk than we ever have. Plus, we launched four new Jewfolk-produced podcasts that tackle important topics like news (The […]

Do You Hear What I Hear?

What if you were the only Jewish student in your grade school, middle school, or high school? Would you take a stand and teach everyone about your traditions, or would you go quietly about your day trying not to draw attention to your different beliefs? What if you attempted to do both? Welcome to my […]

TC Jewfolk Guide To Christmas 2019

Christmas can be sort of a bummer for us Jewish folk. Friends leave town, take off for warmer climes, leaving you here in the cold. Stores are closed. Sure Hanukkah is still going on, but there’s another silver lining: The city is ours!!! Mwahahaha! TC Jewfolk has your Christmas go-to guide for all the best […]

Who The Folk?! Daniel Volovets

How do you juggle two careers at 27 years old? Daniel Volovets does just that. Daniel is a doctor, psychiatry resident, and accomplished guitarist, who loves to teach, compose, arrange and record. Daniel talks about his musical roots and influences, when he knew he wanted to go into psychiatry, and how he balances the demands […]

Ask Baubie: It’s Hanukkah Time!

Hello Mammalehs, It is the season of sparkling lights, snow-tipped branches, seasonal foods and music and the commercial push to buy, buy, buy!! It is also the season that brings anxiety to many families. You may be challenged because you have a spouse who is not Jewish, a spouse who has a different cultural background […]

Minnesota Hillel Groundbreaking Sets Stage For Future

The historic Minnesota Hillel building on University Avenue, open since 1955, is at this moment a torn-up concrete shell. The inside is almost entirely gray, save for the bright yellow of caution tape and the orange of traffic cones. The floors are uneven and caked with sand-like rubble. But the demolition is just the beginning […]

Watch: Maccabeats Channel 2019 Pop Hits For Hanukkah

What do you get when you cross Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X? The Maccabeats and their 2019 Hanukkah parody! The a capella group’s 2019 song takes a little bit of Eilish’s Bad Guy and Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road. Also, stay for the outtakes — there was plenty more of 2019’s hottest pop songs where this […]

Jew Review: ‘The Band’s Visit’

*Contains spoilers for The Band’s Visit. Once, not long ago, a group of musicians came to Israel from Egypt. You probably didn’t hear about it. It wasn’t very important.” But it did show human connection between strangers. The Band’s Visit centers around an Egyptian Police Band winding up in the small, fictional Negev city of […]