JFS Awarded BOND Grant

Again in 2020, JFS will be the recipient of an $8,000 grant from Branching Out in New Directions (BOND) to benefit the Employment Services program.

The Title Of My TED Talk

Every inspirational movie has one. It usually happens right at the main character’s turning point. Just after they decide to make a change and throw themselves into the pursuit of whatever it is they are choosing to pursue. We’ve all seen it. It’s “The Montage Sequence.” I’ve always been fascinated and amused by the montage […]

The Importance Of Showing Up

It was summer 2017 and my cousin and I was hiding out from the oppressive New York City heat in the air-conditioned lounge of the newly opened One Brooklyn Bridge Hotel. The place was brand new; a mostly undiscovered hidden gem at the edge of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The lounge had a living wall creeping […]

Who The Folk?! Helen Siegel

Why would you want to go back to a place of so much loss and suffering? Helen Siegel wonders that, but it’s not stopping her from going to Auschwitz-Birkanau for International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 75th anniversary of those camps’ liberation. Helen talks about growing up the child of survivors, what this trip means […]

Standing Together, Not Against

I didn’t recognize her first behind the desk from my helpdesk job as she waved at me. It took me a second to realize why. My devout Muslim friend had taken off her hijab, she was too afraid to wear it in an atmosphere where respect and tolerance for other religions were quickly dwindling. Called […]

Renowned Activist & Organizer Eric Ward Coming To Minneapolis

Whether it’s 25,000 people marching in New York or 1,400 at Temple Israel in Minneapolis, it’s abundantly clear that the Jewish community is concerned about the rising tide of anti-Semitism. Renown activist and organizer Eric Ward has been watching this trend for decades, which is why he’s been traveling the country to help understand and […]

What’s Really The Climate For Jewish Students On Campus?

Over the past decade, across the United States, college campuses have ingrained a deep sense of fear in the Jewish community. Jewish college students have been ostracized, refused letters of recommendation by professors, boycotted, shouted down, and compared to white supremacists and Nazis – a trend largely tied to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) […]

8 Minnesotans Vying For World Zionist Congress Delegate Spots

Rabbi Michael Latz quotes Hamilton when asked why he wanted to be on the Hatikvah: Progressive Israel Slate for the World Zionist Congress elections: “’We need to be in the room where it happens.’ Especially with a billion dollars at stake.” The World Zionist Congress is the legislative body of the World Zionist Organization, which […]