What Do You Want People To Know?

For Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month, we asked people with disabilities or special needs in their families: What do you wish other people knew or understood about: 1) You, your child(ren) with disabilities /special needs and/or your family; and 2) your experiences as person with or parent or family of a person with disabilities/special […]

Who The Folk?! Genevieve Parker

We have a new member of the Jewfolk team! On this week’s podcast, hear from Genevieve Parker, Jewfolk’s new Community Engagement Manager. We talk about what brought her to Minnesota, her Jewish journey, and what she’s looking forward to as she gets started with this new opportunity, on this week’s Who The Folk?! Podcast. Schedule […]

Jew Review: ‘Significant Other’ at MJTC

The Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company has done it again with another wonderful production. I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Significant Other on opening night at MJTC’s home in Highland Park. In our overscheduled, overworked lives, this show gave me an evening of laughter and touching moments that lead to a wonderful after-show conversation with my […]

Who The Folk?! Lea Kalisch

A singer, musician, actress, dancer, occasional rapper, Lea Kalisch is not letting herself be defined by one type of art of genre of music. Lea, who is in the process of relocating to Minneapolis, has an incredible background in sports and music that has helped give her the discipline to take on all she’s trying […]

In Response To Ad, Rep. McCollum Calls AIPAC ‘Hate Group’

Congresswoman Betty McCollum, who represents Minnesota’s 4th District, is embroiled in controversy with AIPAC after calling the organization a “hate group.” The comment came in a statement the 10-term congresswoman released Wednesday afternoon in response to a Facebook ad released by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), which uses a composite photo of McCollum, Rep. […]

Making An Accessible Jewish Community

It started with YALA Manager Charley Smith when I Googled ways to become involved locally, 2 years later, after another brain surgery, I saw a posting for 248CAN. I conducted the worst interview I have ever had – my computer restarted two times during the video interview, my phone cut out when I tried to […]