JFS Honored for COVID Service

The Center for Entrepreneurial Jewish Philanthropy (CEJP) has selected JFS as one of the 80 winners from a total 379 award applications for outstanding service to vulnerable Jewish populations during the COVID crisis.

Next Juneteenth…

Juneteenth should be far more well-known than it is, especially among Jews – I wrote about just as much already one year ago. On June 19, 1865, then-commander of the District of Texas, Gen. Gordon Granger, publicized General Order No. 3 to enslaved African-Americans in Texas. Invoking the then two-and-a-half-year-old Emancipation Proclamation, this order began […]

Virtual Ingenuity: How the 248 Global Summit Brought Us Together

Hi from my couch (Poland) – Magda Rubenfeld!” “Hello from St Petersburg, Russia – Nadia Bezuevskaia!” “Rehovot is here:) – Pola Barkan!” “Hello from Majorca Island, SPAIN – Dani Rotstein!” The chat screen lit up with places all over the world. Everyone was gathered for the 248 Community Action Network (248) Global Summit on Sunday, […]

Who The Folk?! Madalina Kelner

Madalina Kelner, is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and an artist who will be presenting her first post-graduate gallery show, Behind The Veil, later this month at the Homewood Studio in North Minneapolis. We talk about the strangest senior year ever, what her plans for the future are, and how Behind the […]

Sha’arim Looking For Virtual Volunteers

Volunteers Needed For: Virtual Visits with Sha’arim Organization Name: Sha’arim Date: Ongoing Opportunity Summary/Description: We would like to welcome you to join our virtual Sha’arim programming. Sha’arim is a program that provides services and programs to individuals with special needs. During this confusing and challenging time, our adult Sha’arim participants are finding themselves feeling very […]

Will We Learn?

History repeats. Happy that tye dye is back in style. The 60’s are back? But this time, it’s takeout movies only and living room concerts. Our resistance is not “Make Love Not War” It’s, “Black Lives Matter,” “We Can’t Breathe” and “Stay Home, Save Lives.” Two deadly viruses- Systemic Racism & White Supremacy and COVID-19. […]

Get Your Baseball Fix While Supporting Team Israel

So 2020 hasn’t quite lived up to expectations – from a global pandemic to the killing of George Floyd, it’s only June and we all want this year to just end. Let’s be honest, it’s been rough. Real rough. Part of the collateral damage stemming from the aforementioned pandemic was the suspension of the Major […]