Anti-Racist Resources for Jews


Jump To: Front Line Actions | Actions from Home | Jewish Community & JoC-Led Orgs | Resource Sharing ($$$) | Resource Sharing (Goods & Services) | Anti-Racist (Un)Learning Resources | (Un)Learning with Kids | Individuals & Accounts to Follow As is the case with our Covid-19 Resource pages, this is a living document and a work […]

Jew Review: ‘The Plot Against America’

For the past two months, I’ve been thinking: what if? What if we weren’t in a pandemic? What if everything was back to normal? In a time when I’m constantly imagining what could be, The Plot Against America helps shape my understanding of a shocking what-if scenario for American Jews in the 1940’s.  HBO’s The […]

Taking A Stand & Taking Action

Enzi Tanner makes a very important distinction in how he identifies. Sometimes he’s OK with being identified more broadly as a Jew of Color. But right now, he prefers to reference himself as a black Jew. “Oftentimes you’re talking about Jews of Color, and for me, when we’re talking in a broad sense, that’s important,” […]

Abolishing MPD Isn’t As Radical As It Sounds

Abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department isn’t as radical as it sounds to most people. If you’re like many Twin Cities residents, you may be thinking “alright, it’s obvious the system is rigged. MPD has a history of abuse that isn’t ending with continued protests and attention.” Perhaps you recognize that, with the overwhelming power of […]

Who The Folk?! Dudley Deshommes-Kohls

On this week’s Who The Folk?! Podcast, we talk to Dudley Deshommes-Kohls, a black, gay, Jew who is also a nurse in the time of a global health pandemic. Mostly this week, however, I listen. I don’t try to fix. I don’t ask ‘what can I do’. I listen to and try to learn from […]

Camps Butwin & Olami To Close For 2020

After keeping the door of hope for camp this summer open a sliver, the camps of the two Jewish Community Centers in the Twin Cities have closed it. Allie Greenstein and Ben Savin, the directors of Camp Olami and Camp Butwin, emailed camp families Friday afternoon to break the news. Greenstein said that they had […]

Where Was the “Peace” 400 Years Ago?

(Editor’s note: This piece contains strong language) My father is the most peaceful man I know. A few years ago, he came home from the watch store, and told us that the owner had said to him, “What would people think if they walked in and saw a nigger working here?” after my father had […]

Holy Land Loses Lease, Shelf Space After Racist Posts

In a letter to the community posted on Facebook, the owner of Holy Land Deli announced he fired his daughter for a string of racist tweets and Instagram posts that screenshots show date back to at least 2012. In response, Midtown Global Market, where Holy Land has a location, announced Thursday that it was exercising […]

Finding Comfort In My Tallit

I started wearing a tallit for the first time in my life in November of 2018 at age 39. It took me a very long time to get there at all, and I fully acknowledge my motivation came from setting an example of my belief in egalitarianism for my daughters and not from any personal […]

TC Rabbis Among Hundreds In Silent Marches

Over the course of seven blocks on Tuesday afternoon, nearly 1,000 clergy members of all faiths made the slow — and silent — walk from the Sabatini Community Center, along East 38th Street to the site where George Floyd died. Among that group were at least 10 Twin Cities rabbis and cantors who came to […]