Remote Jewish Learning, 1980s Style

Back-to-school stories are beginning to kick-in throughout the news and social media. Few and far between, however, are the stories focused on five ways to decorate your locker, or what not to wear on the first day. Rather, the focus is on will school be online at home, or in-person at school. Scroll through the […]

An Inspiring Ninth of Av

Jewish sleepaway camp provided many of today’s adults with their first Tisha B’Av experience. There they sat on the floor of the Beit Am (communal building), watched interpretive dance, listened to the camp choir, or slept off a fast in the heat of the afternoon sun. They learned that we mourn and fast on Tisha B’Av because the […]

A Call to Action: Join TCJMS Alumni in Supporting Racial Justice

In the weeks after George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police, a group of Twin Cities Jewish Middle School alumni came together to talk about how we could take action as a community. As white Jews raised in Minnesota, we felt complicit and compelled to support Black-led organizing and rebuilding efforts after the uprising. Some […]

Wabasha County GOP Links Nazis, Mask Ordinance; Board Member Resigns

After claiming Monday night that the Wabasha County Republican Party Facebook page had been hacked, Minnesota Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan tweeted that an anti-Semitic post that compared the Holocaust to Gov. Tim Walz’s mask mandate was made by a board member. Upon further investigation, the @mngop learned the Wabasha County FB page was not […]

JCRC Condemns Ongoing Comparisons to Nazis, and the Misuse of the Holocaust, to Measures being Taken to Prevent the Further Spread of COVID-19

Update — July 27: “The post shared by the Republican Party of Wabasha County MN is appalling. As we stated over the weekend, to compare public health measures to Nazi orders for Jews to wear yellow badges is reprehensible and wholly inaccurate. We demand the Republican Party of Wabasha County remove the post and apologize. […]

Who The Folk?! Meyer Weinshel

Is Yiddish a dying language, or is it making a comeback? This week we talk to Meyer Weinshel, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Minnesota who is teaching Yiddish to people of all ages, most recently in a class offered by Jewish Community Action. Meyer talks about how he got started and about a […]

St. Paul Jewish Federation Elects Rick Linsk Board President

The St. Paul Jewish Federation elected Rick Linsk president of the board of directors at its 85th Annual Meeting on Monday, July 20. Linsk is a long-time Federation volunteer and leader, having served as board vice president from 2016 to 2018 and president-elect since 2018. He chaired the Central Budget and Review Committee, which leads […]

Sharing The Mic To Amplify Voices

This year has been an interesting one, and Jasmine Brett Stringer means that in the most Minnesotan of ways. But out of the despair from COVID-enforced quarantine to the killing of George Floyd, Stringer is taking it as a call to action. Stringer, a writer, speaker, and lifestyle personality, founded #ShareTheMicMN late last month as […]

St. Cloud Councilman Uses Holocaust Reference In Mask Debate

St. Cloud City Councilmember Paul Brandmire said that COVID-positive individuals should be marked with a yellow star on their lapel at that city’s meeting on Monday. “If we can mandate masks, then certainly we can mandate that COVID positive people wear some sort of identification badge, maybe like a bright yellow star or something pinned […]

Who The Folk?! Aly Jones

What brings someone from a small Jewish community in the Southwest to the Upper Midwest? This week we hear from Aly Jones, the new coordinator of JFCS NextGen. We talk about growing up in a really small Jewish community, what led her to the Twin Cities, and how to keep the NextGen momentum going while […]