Who The Folk?! Dante Reminick

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to start a new business, but Dante Reminick was doing a service: starting Bigs Tutoring. On this week’s Who The Folk?! Podcast, I talk with Dante, a sophomore at the University of Minnesota and an entrepreneur whose most recent business is aiming to help parents who are not made […]

We Were Built for This Moment: Jewfolk Turns 11

In the midst of a year that defies ordinary timekeeping, TC Jewfolk is celebrating our 11-year anniversary!! We’re still relatively young as an organization, and we’re very proud of how far we’ve come since our inception in August 2009. But do you know what fills us with even more pride? It’s you! The community that we’re so privileged […]

Jew Review: ‘The Jewish Enquirer’

I was looking for something to watch on Amazon Prime, and the word Jewish caught my eye. The show’s title is The Jewish Enquirer, which is also the name of the news site the main character, Paul (Tim Downie), works for. As a Jewish journalist with experience at a Jewish publication, I was compelled to […]

Bring Cancel Culture To Minnetonka

So they call it “cancel culture.” Someone says or does something racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. and then there is a consequence. Maybe it’s a TV show that gets canceled or maybe someone is forced to resign. Maybe a politician ends his campaign or maybe a product is pulled from the shelves. Aunt Jemima anyone? Social […]

Who The Folk?! Aaron Schoenfeld

It’s Episode 100 of the Who The Folk?! Podcast! This week we’re joined by Minnesota United Football Club forward Aaron Schoenfeld, who joined the club this season from Israeli powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv. We talk about what it’s like to play for both of Tel Aviv’s clubs, being in the Orlando for the MLS Is […]