TC Jewfolk’s Most-Read, Listened To In 2020

Originally for this article, I was going to use a photo of a dumpster on fire, and was quickly informed that may be a little too cliché. It doesn’t mean I’m wrong, but, after so many months of looking at the glass as half-empty, why not try the opposite approach? Now, I know that the […]

Israeli Treat Taste Test

Several weeks ago, I asked my 9-year old what she wanted for Hanukkah. I was surprised that one of her requests was “treats from around the world.” What a wonderful and different response than the one I thought I would receive. But wait, from where and what exactly? Lucy knew exactly what she wanted – […]

Straddling A Peoplehood And A Nation

As a septuagenarian American Jew belonging to the Baby Boomer class of 1949, my life in this country has unfolded in a manner beyond the most fervent prayers of my forbears for I have been able to coalesce without fear or duplicity my being Jewish with my full participation in American communal life. As such, […]

Who The Folk? Emily Lauer

What’s it like trying to run your home-based bakery business while your entire household is also at home? Emily Lauer decided that was the time to move Fruit and Grain out of the house and to start expanding. We talk about how she has managed to grow her business during the pandemic, some of the […]

The Crisis Of Dishonor

“Who is honored? One who honors others.” –Ben Zoma, Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Sages) The word COVID may be a conjunction of sorts, but the Hebrew Kavod or Kuvid is translated to mean Honor. “Kol haKavod,” Jews have a habit of saying to each other, literally meaning “all of the honor to you.” In the realm of Jewish philanthropy, kuvid is bestowed upon […]

Rabbi Jeremy Fine Announces TOA Departure

Rabbi Jeremy Fine said that there were only a handful of jobs in the country that would cause him to consider leaving St. Paul’s Temple of Aaron, his spiritual home for the last nine years. Unfortunately for that community, one of those synagogues made him that offer. Fine announced last week on his Facebook page […]

Jewish Job: Development Position At JHSUM

Job Title: Development Position Organization Name: Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest Job Type: Part-time Salary Range: $20,000-$25,000 Deadline: Open until filled Job Summary/Description: The Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest is seeking a dynamic, independent and, flexible individual with a proven track record in Jewish community fundraising. The chosen candidate will work […]

Jew Review: Chickies At MOA

Here’s a fun fact that has absolutely nothing to do with this piece: supposedly every entrance to the Mall of America is adorned with a mezuzah. Here’s another fun fact about MOA: The Jewish owners of the mega-mall always like to have at least one kosher food option for its customers. Up until recently, the […]