Parenting By Parsha: Beshalach

Yesterday, our toddler took the magnet in the shape of Moses off the fridge and gave it a hug, tablets, flowing beard and all. Our kiddo is really into hugging these days, offering spontaneous snuggles to my wife and I, but also to the plush fox (Shaul) and llama (Lily) we got from family friends. […]

Jon Savitt Has ‘Inspirational(ish) Messages’ For You

During the past 10 months, being an artist has been challenging. But that hasn’t stopped Jon Savitt from trying to keep creating. The Minnesota native (and sort of Minnesota resident again), wrote his first book, Read This When You’re Sad: Inspirational(ish) Messages, which is available now as an e-book. The book was originally was going […]

Why It’s Jewish To Be A Climate Activist

In modern Western tradition, we understand time as linear; we’re moving along a line, from point A to B to C and so on. Time is a ribbon, pulled taut, and it stretches out both behind us and in front of us, connecting us to histories and futures. We can measure time, in eons or […]

Who The Folk?! Marley Zoss

When a passion for baking turns into a business, does it matter when the owner is 12? Not for Marley Zoss. Marley is the owner of Marley’z Cakes + Cupcakes, and is baking up any custom flavor creation you can think of. We talk about where her love for baking started, why turn it into […]

Parenting By Parsha: Bo

This week, we read the portion of ‘Bo,’ which, literally translated, means something like, ‘come over here.’ While the name of this portion sounds like an invitation, it’s more like an order. Right in the first verse, God instructs Moses and Aaron to go to Pharaoh and continue bargaining for the freedom of the Israelites.  […]

Show Up In 2021

While studying abroad in Spain during junior year, I decided to visit a college friend in Egypt and check the pyramids of Giza off my bucket list. There I stood, a poor college student gazing up at one of the worlds’ greatest wonders. I wanted to staple this moment in my mind, and so I […]

Teen’s Petition Helping Push Eden Prairie Schools On Fall Start

There’s nothing like walking into your high school for the first time as a student. Unfortunately for Jewish students in the Eden Prairie School District, the school district is asking students to choose between their faith and their education. Eden Prairie is the only metro area school district that will be starting school on Tuesday, […]