Parenting By Parsha: Emor

A few weeks ago I was at the playground with my kiddo and my wife. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and the place was hopping. If you want to know where the party is on a weekend in Bed-Stuy, I can tell you — it’s at the playgrounds. Kids of all ages raced around […]

Moishe House Seeking New TC Residents

As one of the newer entries to the Twin Cities Jewish community scene, Moishe House has had a successful run in its first five years in Minneapolis. But pretty soon, there are two issues the fledgling group is going to face: needing a new house, and needing new residents to live there. “The house in […]

Our Strength Comes From Our Community

Dear Sholom Community:  Dear Sholom Community:  Our world is now a full year into an unprecedented pandemic which has tested each and every person and organization. Depending on where you look, people and organizations have responded in a variety of ways — some good, some not so good — and very few have navigated this […]

Who The Folk?! Corey Gordon

What’s it like to be part of the most-watched trial in the country for a generation? We find out when we talk to Corey Gordon, a longtime attorney who was part of the prosecution team that secured the conviction of George Floyd’s murderer. We talk about his role on a squad of talented lawyers, what […]

Jewish Job: Driver For JFCS Transportation Program

Job Title: Driver – Garber Transportation Program Organization Name: Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis Job Type: Full-time Salary Range: $17/hour Deadline: 5/28/21 Job Summary/Description: Are you looking for meaningful work that really makes a difference in people’s lives? Our drivers are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. We drive our clients, […]

Parenting By Parsha: Achrei Mot-Kedoshim

My toddler knows how to say the word “no” now. To be completely fair, he also knows a lot of other words. Actually, this week he said his first full sentence — when my wife asked what he was doing (building a Lego tower), our little one slowly said “Ani boneh!” (I’m building!), and we […]

Social Initiative To Bring Remembrance To The Living Room

Across the Twin Cities two weeks ago, people gathered in virtual living rooms as a part of Zikaron BaSalon, a Holocaust remembrance initiative that started in Israel and has been making its way across the U.S., including Minnesota, in recent years. The Minneapolis and St. Paul Jewish Federations and JCRC partnered for two nights of […]

Jewish Organizations’ Statements After Derek Chauvin Found Guilty

After the guilty verdicts of the former Minneapolis policeman who killed George Floyd on May 25, 2020, a number of Jewish organizations released statements: Jewish Community Action: Today, Derek Chauvin was convicted on all counts for the murder of George Floyd. He is the first white police officer in Minnesota history to be convicted for […]

Chauvin Guilty On All Counts, But Work Remains Ahead

Enzi Tanner didn’t watch the trial of Derek Chauvin. Even as the jury returned guilty verdicts Tuesday afternoon on all three counts that Chauvin was charged with — second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter — the community safety organizer at Jewish Community Action had been thinking of issues bigger than the result. The April […]