AJC Survey Finds Hatred For Jews Still A Severe Problem

According to a new survey, American Jews are far more likely to see antisemitism as a problem in the United States than non-Jews and are nearly twice as likely to see antisemitism increasing over the past five years. The American Jewish Committee’s 2021 State of Antisemitism in American report is based on polling of both […]

The Jewish Case for a New Department of Public Safety

As Jews, we have inherited a tradition focused on justice. One of the central commandments in our texts is “tzedek tzedek tirdof – justice, justice you must pursue” (Deuteronomy 16:20). The emphatic repetition of the word tzedek – justice – cements this commandment, this mitzvah, as a central tenet of Halakah. Time and again, the […]

Jewish Job: JCC Seeking Youth Coordinator For Capp Center St. Paul

Job Title: Youth Coordinator/ Camp Butwin Assistant Director Organization Name: Minnesota JCC Job Type: Full-time Salary Range: $35,000-$42,500 Deadline: Open until Filled Job Summary/Description: The Minnesota Jewish Community Center is seeking a full-time, energetic, relationship-oriented professional to serve as our Youth Coordinator and the Assistant Director of Camp Butwin. The Youth Coordinator role is responsible […]

Who The Folk?! Max Yeshaye Brumberg-Kraus

After more than 26 years as the producing artistic director of the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company — now Six Points Theater, Barbara Brooks has brought in an associate. This week we meet that associate: Max Yeshaye Brumberg-Kraus. We talk about what brought him to this new position, theater as a Jewish art form, and the […]

Finding Fall

It’s been a good run Of late summer fun But fall is creeping in As I sit by my place I start beginning to trace Signs of the new season As it begins The breeze feels amazing The leaves’ colors are changing Then finding their way To the ground The nights are much colder The […]

Parenting By Parsha: Vayera

My toddler is a master negotiator. Even in situations that I didn’t know were up to negotiation or questioning — it can feel like I’ve already lost before I’ve begun. Say, for example, I mentioned that I was getting up from the playmat for a glass of water. Not a question, right? Wrong. “No,” says […]

Jewish Job: Minnesota JCC Seeks Camp Olami and Youth Programming Director

Job Title: Camp Olami and Youth Programming Director Organization Name: Minnesota JCC Job Type: Full-time; summers follow Camp Olami hours. During rest of the year 9-5 with some flexibility. Salary Range: $45,000-$52,000 Deadline: Open until Filled Job Summary/Description: Youth and Camping Director – Camp Olami at Minnesota JCC (Sabes Campus) The Minnesota Jewish Community Center […]

The Jewish Case For Rent Stabilization

When I go to rallies and marches for progressive social change, I often hear the phrase chanted “Housing is a human right!” and I wonder to myself – what does that even mean? I’ve recently concluded more than four and a half years as the Housing Organizer at Jewish Community Action. In that time organizing […]

How A New Book Inspires Kindness With Simple Messages

Wendy Shragg had no reason to meet local golf pro Bryan Skavnak in early 2020. But when a mutual friend mentioned that Shragg should check out Skavnak’s uplifting Instagram feed Be The Nice Kid, it laid the foundation for a project that recently came to fruition. Shragg, a “multi-passionate creative” who works in multiple mediums, […]

WATCH: Cantors Abrams and Tisser Musically Duel

As part of a week of music celebrating Cantor Audrey Abrams’ retirement from Beth El Synagogue, Abrams and current Cantor Ben Tisser performed a delightful and heartwarming rendition of “Anything You Can Do.” The week of celebration for Abrams concludes when Cantor Azi Schwartz from Park Avenue Synagogue in New York City, will be performing […]