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The Jew-Date Diaries: Doubts

In this installment of the Jew-Date Diaries, Amy learns that curiosity sometimes kills the cat. Especially when it comes to Jdate.

The Jew-Date Diaries: Advice from Mom

In the fourth installment of The Jew-Date Diaries, “Julia” gets some advice from her ima and learns that maybe she’d be looking for the wrong type of guy.

The Jew-Date Diaries: “Touchy Feely”

This is the first installment of The Jew-Date Diaries, a bi-weekly recounting of stories about dating – the near misses, the absolute disasters, and those once-in-a-lifetime moments when the stars align. “Shira” tells us what happened when she tried to find a man in touch with his sensitive side.

Call for Jew-Date Stories and Ask Shuli Questions

Every two weeks TC Jewfolk features the best Jewish dating stories from our readers anonymously in the blog’s Jew-Date Diaries column. We want your stories. Every Sunday our resident Jewish advice columnist Ask Shuli weighs in on the Jewish questions you can’t ask Bubbe. We want your questions.

PopRocks: Mainly in Washington

Greetings, PopRockers! We’re gonna mix it up and get a little political this week (in a manner of speaking)!

Big Jewish news this week – Chelsea Clinton is getting married. To a Jewish boy. With whom she went to shul on Yom Kippur. At the Jewish Theological Seminary. This is not a rumination on how Chelsea scored an NJB (this may be fodder for a future Jew-Date Diaries entry?). Wondering if she’s going the Ivanka Trump route? So are lots of people (note: the previous link includes a forum about interfaith marriages, especially in light of the “December Dilemma”).