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Marriage Monday: Letting Go

I don’t remember how long the kitchen clean up took but I remember how tasty the pasta and challah was. To have a spouse who goes all out and makes such tasty dinners, that is the big deal.

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My JMom knows best

If you told me years ago I would start an online dating site for Jewish moms to set up their kids, I wouldn’t have believed you. And then I met my girlfriend on the site.

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A Jewish, Indian Love Story

"I am Indian and Jewish," said Haran, "and this is my country. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else, and life is good and getting better." Jewish Ideas Daily on love, and family among Jews in India.

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Not long ago, it would have been virtually unthinkable for a homosexual who had grown up in an Orthodox community to model a same-sex marriage ceremony on an Orthodox wedding. A look at the shift towards greater openness about sexuality among the Orthodox.

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