What’s In A Word? Plenty



Let me ask you this: Have you ever witnessed a case where someone calling someone else a racist did any good? Oh, I know it helped the person using the word feel better because they got to feel morally superior, but that is a sensation that lasts only as long as it takes for the […]

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AJC Opening Office In The Twin Cities



As a longtime resident of the Twin Cities, I have seen both the best and worst of Minnesota. At our best, we boast a diverse community that consistently ranks at or near the top in every survey of desirable communities in which to live and raise a family. And I have seen us just recently […]

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Statement of Love By the Minnesota Rabbinical Association



Dear Friends, As the pain of George Floyd’s (z”l) murder still reverberates throughout the Twin Cities, America, and the World, we particularly want to express our love to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of Color) Jews within our community. You matter to us. As rabbis we want both those affiliated and those not affiliated with congregations […]

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Abolishing MPD Isn’t As Radical As It Sounds



Abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department isn’t as radical as it sounds to most people. If you’re like many Twin Cities residents, you may be thinking “alright, it’s obvious the system is rigged. MPD has a history of abuse that isn’t ending with continued protests and attention.” Perhaps you recognize that, with the overwhelming power of […]

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