New update! As of January 19, 2023, we have opened the search for Cincy Jewfolk’s first staff member. Read the description for the open Editor and Engagement Coordinator position to see if this job may be right for you or someone in your network!

Hello Cincy Jewfolk!

It’s great to meet you, and we’re excited to be arriving in your community. 

You may be wondering: What is Jewfolk, Inc.? Why should you trust us? And what can our Minnesota sensibilities do for Cincinnati?

So, we want to introduce ourselves, answer those questions, and let you know where you can find news about your community as we ramp up our work near you.

Our mission at Jewfolk, Inc., is simple: We want to serve as an ecosystem to connect, engage, and inspire local Jews, no matter your background, marital status, or if you consider yourself more of a “Jew-ish” kind of Jew. 

In the Twin Cities, that means running TC Jewfolk, our award-winning news site, where we focus on in-depth coverage of our community. We’ve covered a Minneapolis synagogue that sheltered asylum seekers in secret; antisemitism from past to present; the impact of community trips to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.; and much, much more

We think Cincinnati Jews deserve that caliber of coverage about your community, too. 

Our mission also means meeting you online and in real life to serve parts of the Jewish community that haven’t always had the investment they deserve. In the TCs, professionals network for jobs and advice in our JLink Facebook group, while mothers commiserate and uplift each other in the Minnesota Mammelahs group.

We think Cincinnati deserves that kind of non-denominational community-building space for Jews who may not currently feel connected to the organized Jewish community. So we’re looking forward to learning about and engaging your local micro-communities, wherever you may want to be engaged.

So that’s what we plan to bring to you: Our mission and passion for building Jewish community, backed up with a proven track record. As we build Cincy Jewfolk, you’ll start to see news and features for your community on this page, and at the Cincy Jewfolk Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram feed. You’ll be hearing a lot more from us soon—subscribe below for updates in your email inbox (read the newsletter soft launch edition here)!

And to our TC Jewfolk who may be reading this:

We want to say, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for supporting, connecting, and working with us to make the Twin Cities a stronger Jewish community. Thank you particularly to our donors over the past (almost!) 13 years — your belief in our model is the only way we got to this point. Without you — donors, readers, podcast listeners, and community members — we wouldn’t be in a position to bring our work to Cincinnati. We’ll continue to do you proud as we bring our best to Cincy Jewfolk!