Detective Chunk, the Multiverse, and Me

Commutator Collective, the creator of the most underground Purim spiel in Minneapolis, presents Detective Chunk, the Multiverse, and Me. Written by Marge Buckley and directed by Rosie Tabachnick.
YouBone phenomenon Detective Chunk is trying to find out who murdered their Mommy. The only evidence is a jar of goop, their Neighbor Pip (suspicious), and a very specific drawing of an alien abduction from 1987 that Sigourney Weaver (their camerawoman, a cat) found in the exact spot where Mommy was murdered. Coincidence? Join this intrepid Feline-Canine Duo as they hop the multiverse to discover the pleasures of ASMR, feline polycules, and monorails, all while trying to outrun a dysphoric robot doppelganger. Y’know. Tuesday stuff.
After a sold-out run in 2021, Commutator Collective is excited to remount Detective Chunk at the Avalon Theater this summer in a production that will feature puppets sourced from the In the Heart of the Beast puppet library as well as original constructions. The 2021 production of Detective Chunk featured only one puppet, but due to inflation this new production will have at least nineteen.
Detective Chunk runs June 27-30 at the Avalon. All performances are at 7:30. Masks are required for the performance on Sunday, June 30. Children are more than welcome, and we consider the play to be PG-13. Tickets are available at


June 30
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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