“I Thought I Knew That Story Until I Talked With a 7 Year Old…”

Join the Talmud Torah of St. Paul and Earl Schwartz in a discussion about moral dilemmas when talking to elementary-aged students. It takes Jewish texts and biblical stories and looks at them through the eyes of a child. The premise: One of the reasons biblical and rabbinic stories may seem uninteresting to young people is that particular issues or perspectives that they find engaging in a story go unnoticed by adults. In this session, we reflect on how to more fully realize the educational potential of stories from our tradition by identifying such issues and perspectives, and exploring them together with young people.

During the session, Earl will:

1.  Talk a bit about how he came to see such “counter-narratives” in many seemingly straightforward biblical and rabbinic texts;

2.  Talk a bit about re-framing and posing such narratives for children in more challenging ways;

3.  And then work through a few more examples (of moral dilemmas) with the participants.

Register at https://www.ttsp.org/events/i-thought-i-knew-that-story-until-i-talked-with-a-7-year-old/

This program is free of charge!


May 14
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Talmud Torah of St. Paul