Reproductive Freedom Lobby Day 2022

With the Supreme Court poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, it’s more important than ever that we let politicians know we’re done letting them play politics with our reproductive care. Join the ⅔  of Minnesotans who agree that people should be able to access healthcare for abortion without the government interfering and and make your voice heard on Reproductive Freedom Lobby Day 2022!

By coming together on Lobby Day, we can make sure legislators know how much support there is for reproductive freedom legislation—including the Patients’ Right to Know Act, which would establish a right for healthcare providers to give evidence-based information to their patients. We know that it will take ​all of us ​working together, and with our lawmakers, to protect and expand access to abortion care – and all reproductive health care.

At Lobby Day, you will get the resources and training you need to be equipped to talk to your state legislator about why reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy are critical for your health, livelihood, and future. If your legislator supports reproductive freedom, you will have the chance to share information and messaging tips with them to ensure they are well prepared to stand up for Minnesotans right to make their own healthcare decisions. We’ll ask our legislators to stand up for what Minnesotans really need and not make our reproductive decisions for us.

Primary Lobby Day Goals:

  • Demonstrate the overwhelming public support for reproductive freedom in Minnesota.
  • Bolster legislators’ confidence to proactively speak about abortion.
  • Ask your legislators if they will support and co-author the Patients’ Right to Know Act.
  • Show our legislators the power and diversity of our coalition.
  • Share our Reproductive Justice Legislative Agenda.

Thank you for joining us to advocate for every Minnesotan’s right to make healthy decisions about if and when to become a parent.


March 25
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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