Taste Of Memories – Ohad Shemesh

Taste of memories is a unique commemorative project that started right here in our community by Eden Kohali, the previous St. Paul Jewish Federation Shlicha.

This project gives us the opportunity to connect over something that we all have in common – food, and learn about amazing people that have passed, By cooking the recipe they loved and getting to know their story.

Ohad was an outstanding figure, known for contributing to the community, helping the elderly and in risk, as well as establishing an orphanage in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

Ohad died in combat during “Operation Protective Edge”, on July 21st, 2014.

We will cook Ohad’s favorite recipe (vegetable paste), and learn about him through a short presentation and videos from his friends in Israel.

If you do not wish to cook, that’s ok, you can just join and listen.

The event will be led by Keshet Berlinsky Edry, St. Paul Jewish federation Shlicha.

The recipe will be sent after registration.

Register here.


St. Paul Jewish Federation
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