IRANIUM Explodes Into Theaters This Tuesday

Iranium PosterIf you enjoyed “Obsession” and “The Third Jihad,” the makers of those films now point their cameras a bit further East, and train their eyes on… Iran.

Clarion Fund and Raphael Shore now bring us their brand-new documentary film: IRANIUM. A film that aims to answer the question:

“What happens when a regime that openly desires the destruction of nations obtains nuclear weapons?”

Shohreh Aghdashloo

IRANIUM Narrator Shohreh Aghdashloo

The film is an hour-long documentary, featuring terrific cinematography, and narrated by Emmy award-winning Iranian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo.

The film also features interviews with an impressively wide range of Iran experts. Among others, the film interviews Iran experts from the CIA and the Pentagon, Members of Congress, U.S. Ambassadors, Iranian democracy activists, and most impressively, former members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard itself.

IRANIUM goes far beyond the usual discussion of the impact of an Iranian nuclear bomb on Israel, and takes a good look instead at the danger of the Iranian regime and of a nuclear Iran for us here in the United States, and for the Western world at large.

The entire first half of the film, in fact, does not talk about the Iranian nuclear bomb at all. Instead, the film takes the viewer on a journey to understand the Iranian revolution in 1979, and the rise to power of the Islamist mullahs, headed by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. The filmmakers assert that “America has misread the guiding principles of the Islamic Republic,” and go on to show the rise of Islamist rule in Iran, and the expansion of that rule to promoting and orchestrating international terrorist attacks around the world, including the series of deadly attacks on Americans by Hezbollah in the 1980’s.

The second half of the film comes back to that original question: what happens when this regime, which has supported so much violence against the west, gets nuclear weapons?

The film discusses the Iranian nuclear program, and lays out the actual dangers facing the west from Iran. Israel is not even mentioned until about 60% into the film. Instead, the filmmakers lay out the 3 nightmare scenarios that U.S. security services fear from a nuclear Iran:

  1. Nuclear missiles being fired from ships in open waters at our port cities, like Baltimore, New York, and Washington, DC
  2. Smuggling a small nuclear bomb into the United States over the Mexican border (which we all know is far from air-tight)
  3. An electro-magnetic pulse weapon (essentially a small nuke), detonated in the atmosphere over the United States, which would take out all of our electronic infrastructure (from pacemakers to gas pumps), killing 9 out of 10 Americans within a year, from the collapse in infrastructure

Finally, the film discusses the rising democracy movement in Iran, and the stolen 2009 election, which resulted in tens of thousands of Iranians arrested, and hundreds killed, and asks what role the West should play in supporting those who are fighting for their freedom in Iran.

The film also discusses the failure of the 26 years of sanctions, and the folly of relying on “mutually assured destruction” to stop the apocalyptic rulers of Iran, given their obsession with ushering in the end-of-times, and ultimately tries to answer the question:

“What are the risks of not acting?”

If you want to know how important a film this really is, you need only consider the controversy that has arisen around this film in Canada. The planned Canadian screening of the film prompted a formal complaint from the Embassy of Iran about the screening, and the screening was nearly cancelled after threats of violent protests if the documentary was shown. The Canadian government has since ordered the film to be shown, in the face of threatened violence. If this film is important enough for the Iranians to issue formal protests and threaten violence over it, it is important enough to be seen.

In my opinion, for anyone who is interested in what is really going on in Iran, what the Iranian government is really trying to do, and the actual dangers of the Iranian nuclear program for the United States – this film is a MUST SEE!

I read a lot about the Middle East, and about Iran, and I was still struck by the map showing the true extent of Iranian nuclear installations, and by our own leaders’ testimony on the danger nuclear Iran presents to us. If you want to know what we’re really up against – this is definitely the film for you.

So you want to see this film?

IRANIUM will be screened all around the country at the national premiere event this Tuesday, February 8th ONLY!

The Minnesota premiere, sponsored by Minnesotans Against Terrorism, and featuring a speaker from the Iran Democratic Union, will be at the AMC theater in Maple Grove. Pre-ordered tickets are required, and can be ordered here.

For information about other screenings around the nation, please click here.

Watch the trailer below, and click here for more information


Disclaimer: I got to see a pre-release version of the film, in order to write this review. The version I saw may have differed slightly from the final version released to theaters.

[Image Source: IRANIUM Media Kit]

About Jenna Mitelman

Jenna is a transplant to Minnesota from sunny California, where she graduated from UC Berkeley. She lives and works in Minneapolis, but secretly loves St. Paul. She is a former Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Plymouth and a regular speaker on the Arab-Israeli conflict with the JCRC Speakers' Bureau. She is also a big fan of Minnesota lakes and forests, and can regularly be found kayaking and snowshoeing up north, when she isn't rock climbing out west.

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  1. I have watched the film, the review is very accurate. Thank you Jenna. I agree, it is a MUST-SEE!!!


    This says you can watch FREE online for a limited time. I gave a fake email address and it seemed to work.

  3. Another good write-up of the film is available here:

    And Jeff, yes, I also heard that there is some limited availability of watching the film online as part of the national release, but I am uncertain as to the details and time limitations involved. Thank you for posting it.


  4. Is this coming to Europe too?

  5. Salomeh,

    At this point, I am only aware of scheduled screenings in the U.S. and Canada.
    However, I’m sure that if enough interest is generated, and there are European venues that want to screen the film, it will eventually make it over the Atlantic, as well.

    If you know if organizations that may want to screen it in Europe, I know they can arrange a screening here: (Small screenings seem to be only $40, so it’s pretty accessible).


  6. As far as I can tell at this point, today (Feb. 8 – release day) may be the last day to watch the film online for free. I could be wrong, but if that is the way you’re planning to go, I suggest you make it fast, as it may no longer be available online after the official release.

  7. I have an altogether different opinion about this so-called documentary, as reflected in my recent note published on facebook:

    Iranium: A malicious and contemptible absurdity paraded as documentary

  8. AISH Minnesota is apparently hosting a screening on March 8th at the Sabes JCC.

    Details are available here:

  9. This is the exact same language these neocon fossils used before the iraq war. THEY WMDS WE MUST INVADE! Saddam and Al Qaeda are the EXACT SAME THING. Now they are SAYING Iran has wmds and that they are infact the ones behind Al Qaeda.

    What they are omitting is that Iran is part of the IAEA and have signed the non proliferation treaty. Israel has not signed it. Iran is a full of shia muslims and Al Qaeda is a salafist sunni organisation who likes to kill shia muslims and are doing it in Iraq, Yemen and Pakistan.

  10. is showing this. i’ve personally watched it several times there already. if you must see and can see go to and click on the short film link at the bottom as the above address starts you at a trailer and promo screen for the film. But again the link for the film is at the bottom center of the screen. At least for me. Enjoy!

  11. Special Iranium screening at Beth El Synagogue with Iranian-American guest speaker on March 17, 2011. 7pm.


    A special screening of “Iranium” documentary followed by Q&A

    7:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Discussion and Q&A to follow the screening with guest speaker Ms. Nazie Eftekhari, Director, Iran Democratic Union and Steve Hunegs, Executive Director, JCRC

    Beth El Synagogue
    5224 W. 26th St.
    St. Louis Park, MN

    Free and open to the public; Donations welcome

    RSVP NOT Required

    Co-sponsored by Beth El Synagogue, Minnesotans Against Terrorism, and the producers of Iranium

    This film is not yet rated. Parental guidance recommended.