An Open Letter To The Minnesota Vikings

To whom it may concern at the Minnesota Vikings,

Thank you for your prompt response to our request. We know it was a lot to ask, leading the Vikings to a playoff game during Super Funday, but we—and the entire Jewish community—really appreciate it.

You see, Super Funday is a new thing for us, and we have one goal: to celebrate Jewish Minneapolis. This city is full of amazing humans who are vital — whether they realize it or not! — to the thriving Jewish community we live in. Simply gathering the Jewish community for an afternoon of fun, games, and community would have been enough, but we had bigger plans.

It started as we were brainstorming ideas. Party hats? Sure! Karaoke? Absolutely.

And then our CEO, James Cohen, suggested showing a Vikings playoff game during the event.

There was silence, and then hysterical laughter.

We all moved on.

Eventually, our brainstorming sessions led to what we now know of as Super Funday—a day of celebration and inspiration, this Sunday at Punch Bowl Social, from 1-5 p.m.

But something was missing — the piece de resistance that would really set Super Funday apart from its predecessor, Super Sunday.

Let’s back up: For decades, the Minneapolis Jewish Federation relied on a phone-a-thon called Super Sunday for a large chunk of our fundraising. Year after year, hardworking volunteers left their houses in the depths of winter to make phone calls supporting community and people through Federation.

They would never accept it, but these volunteers deserve a medal.

As time marched on, the phone-a-thon model became more and more obsolete. Our volunteers spent their day talking to answering machines. Fundraising was flourishing in other areas, so Super Sunday became less and less necessary. But we kept on keeping on, because

Finally, we decided this wasn’t fair to our volunteers. They deserved better. We ask so much of our community, and we thought it was time to start giving.

Change is hard, but this year, we finally took the plunge. There will be no phones, only inspiration, and celebration.

Now, hearing about our incredible volunteers, and our deserving community, you understand why we needed that special cherry on top of our party to celebrate them.

The idea came up again from James: the Vikings in a playoff game. Think about it! How amazing would it be to watch the Vikings in the playoffs with the entire Jewish community?

Okay, we said, rolling our eyes, You’re the boss. Write them a letter and see what you can do.

We have to say, we’re surprised and delighted you delivered. Thank you, Vikings, for showing your true dedication to Jewish Minneapolis. We—along with the Jewish community—will be cheering you on this Sunday from Punch Bowl Social.

Skol and L’chaim,

The Minneapolis Jewish Federation


About Daci Platt

Daci Platt spends 99% of her life explaining her name (it’s short for Hadassah) and 1% adjusting to life in Minneapolis. She and her husband Yoni moved from Louisiana in June 2012 and are still trying to understand the appeal of a hot dish. Daci is a writer at the Minneapolis Jewish Federation and enjoys blogging, laughing, and dancing.

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