Pranks, Laughter and Toasts @ EcoLodge BBQ

(I apologize, but video heavy post to follow)
Tonight we had another BBQ. My third here.
It was was one heck of a fun/crazy night. Guy brought some of his friends to the BBQ, who were a blast.
First is the toast that they gave me. I knew this was coming and was lucky enough to film it. I was truly moved. I’m so glad to have met them and learned from them. I know that when they told me that I’ll always have a place to visit and stay, they are being honest. These are wonderful people and I’m glad to call them my friends. I can’t use enough words to express my gratitude to them (but yes I did thank them profusely after the toast that night telling them how wonderful the experience and their hospitality has been)
Oh and don’t complain that it’s too dark and the resolution isn’t great. I know! It was midnight and I didn’t want the camera in their faces. I think I didn’t even get Leelach’s face in the video, just her legs! They have no idea that I even filmed it (which was what I wanted).

Aren’t they awesome 🙂
There was also a lot of horsing around. This being my favorite moment. Guy’s friend was in the bathroom. Hilarity ensued.

And we also were throwing stuff (cans, chicken, egglant, glasses, tahina etc) at Guy while he hit them back with a fly swatter. Then Guy’s friend Sahar retaliated. We were all laughing our tushes off. Shenanigans.


Bench-pressing his daughter.

Bench-pressing his daughter.

Finally, I realized that the video I uploaded last week that provided a virtual tour of the lodge was taken down by YouTube because it had copyrighted music. Well here’s a new version that won’t be taken down by YouTube. I know it’s really really long so don’t feel obligated to see it  (:

There was a lot of politics talking that night and the days prior. Talking about Iron Dome and the involvement of the US in Middle Eastern politics. I’m still working on writing a blog post with proper insight and sensitivity to the issues/Israeli perspective. Will be posted in the coming days.