Ask Shuli: Pissed on Passover

Dear Shuli: My brother got drunk at the seder last year, couldn’t help with the dishes, and I got resentful. How can I get past this so I’m not still mad this Pesach? –Manischewitz Maiden

Ask Shuli: Who Makes the First Move?

Dear Shuli: I recently started hanging out with a new guy friend, and I wish we were more than friends. What can I do to encourage him to make a move? — Sheyna Punim

Ask Shuli: Out-of-town Wedding Woes

Dear Shuli: A good friend of mine here in the Twin Cities has invited me to her wedding this spring on the West Coast. This trip is really not in my budget, although I had hoped to go. What should I say? — Something Blue

Ask Shuli: What's a Cupid Cohen to Do?

Dear Shuli: I’m feeling pretty intimidated by the impending Valentine’s Day, especially since I’ve only been in this relationship for a month. How much do you think my new girlfriend expects? — Cupid Cohen

Ask Shuli: Oy Vey, No Bedroom Sparks

Dear Shuli: At this dark, rather dreary time of year, my partner and I notice that our sex life really loses its spark. Do you think a vacation will help? — Six-Year Itch

Announcing “Ask Shuli”: for Jewish questions you can’t ask Bubbe

“Ask Shuli” is TC Jewfolk’s yiddishe equivalent of Dear Abby or my personal favorite, Ask Amy, with a healthy dose of guilt sprinkled in. If you’ve ever wondered how the hell (sorry, momala) to explain Simchat Torah to your non-Jewish boss, ask Shuli. Or, is pre-marital sex good for the Jews? What’s keeping your pretty little keppe (head) up at night? What’s fueling your Happy Hour conversations? I’m here to answer your questions… And I’m just like you. Only cuter.