Blueprints for Blood Libel

How was it possible for the Torah to so accurately predict such things? Was it so obvious that Jews had a big “Kick me” sign painted on their collective foreheads even 3000 years ago?

Que Sera, Sera…

As AISH-MN Rabbi Da-vid Rosenthal explains: “Hashem has a plan, we need to relax and enjoy the ride.”

Neither Robots nor Enemies

The idea of “arguing” with G-d is a central part of Judaism. We are not meant to be robots, not meant to passively watch as Hashem’s plan plays itself out. We are meant to take initiative – fight the trend, push the limits. Become a partner in fixing the world.

Thanks for the Bathroom?!

AISH Rabbi Da-vid Rosenthal gets us thinking about the things we don’t usually think about – the good stuff we take for granted.