Going Up: Minnesotans in the Israeli Army

Standing on a Jerusalem street corner on the one trip I made to Israel, I had an overwhelming feeling that most of my life had been spent asleep or in hiding. The Israelis I saw all around me, on the other hand, seemed alive in ways Americans were not; their hearts awake and on their sleeves.

Minnesota Mamaleh: Your Baby, in the Army?

Veteran’s Day rolled around last week and incited a variety of emotions. Was anyone else’s facebook news feed teaming with complaints about not having the day off? Hmm…For most of us, Veteran’s Day gave a moment of pause to reflect upon people whom we love, admire and respect for committing and sometimes sacrificing themselves for our country and for us.

Changes on U.S. Army base after attack on Jewish soldier

Last fall, a Jewish soldier named Michael Handman who was stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia was beaten severely by a fellow soldier and discriminated against in training by two drill sergeants, one of whom called him “Juden,” the German word for Jew, and the other who told the soldier to remove his Kippah when […]