The Other Side Of BDS; A Letter To MSA

Are we talking about what’s happening on campus at the University of Minnesota a lot lately? Yes, we are. It’s important stuff so we hope you’re paying attention. Noah Farber, a freshman Minnesota Student Association member, makes a clear argument why the MSA should vote later today against the BDS proposal brought by Students for Justice in Palestine.

Are American Jews Culpable in the Current BDS Movement?

The Daily Minnesotan recently published an editorial suggesting that the University should bend to the demands of BDS because, “student activism is rarely so straightforward and low-risk.” The greater Minnesota Jewish community reacts, including this piece from a freshman on campus.

What Bubbled Up At This Year’s AIPAC Policy Conference…

I’ve been attending the AIPAC Policy Conference with the Minnesota delegation in Washington, D.C., for the better part of a decade. And this year, I was proud to join nearly 200 other Minnesotans lobbying all of our elected members of the United States House and Senate.

Boycott Israel Day? Yeah, Right!

Why today’s “Boycott Israel Day” is a bunch of hypocritical, useless nonsense; plus a list of local stores where you can support “Buy Israel Day” in response.