Stylish Challah Plates

Use these stylish, multipurpose servers for challah on Friday night, then switch them out to serve appetizers to your friends on Saturday night. What’s not to love?

Recipe Contest: Schwartz Challah

Each day this week we’ll be posting a new recipe from one of our recipe contest finalists, with the winner announced on Sunday at Kosherfest. First up, Adam Schwartz’s challah.

Challah Recipe: Ever Try A Challatashen?

You do not need to be a baker to make delicious challah. Just give it a shot and have some fun with it! It’s easy enough to run to the store and pick up a perfectly delicious challah, true. But what if it’s Purim? Can you run to the store and pick up a Challatashen?

An Easy “Cheating” Challah Recipe

Who doesn’t love warm, fresh challah? But who has time to make it from scratch? This is your chance to learn how to “cheat” your way through to Friday night goodness!

Got Noshes? Gluten-free Treats Prove Tricky

Food is an essential ingredient in Jewish life. So says my partner, Liddy, and I’m sure most agree with her. Last April, when my naturopathic nutritionist recommended I eliminate gluten, […]