Easy Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Dinner

Corned beef and cole slaw from Cecil’s. Grilled cheese with tomato soup and 1% milk at Herzl Camp. Pizza and soda at Temple Israel’s Bar Mitzvah training. Oh, how things have changed for me.

Tent 2014: Encounters with Jewish Culture

Tent, a series of one-week seminars for twenty-somethings, provides participants with the opportunity to explore aspects of modern culture through a Jewish lens and to delve into the vast, complex, and immediately relevant cultural side of their identity.

Five Unexpected Reasons To Visit Israel

There are probably a million reasons why you should keep Israel as your top destination choice. Not only does it happen to be the birthplace of the Jewish religion, but there are lots of totally rad things happening, from the tech start-ups, wineries, parties and food- this round up ain’t your grandma’s list for visiting the Holy Land. Check it out, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Picnic Food

Baba ganoush, Israeli couscous, pita, hummus, Shoko — I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.