Noshin’ Recipes: Hanukkah Menu

Chances are, you’re going to want to eat — and possibly serve others — dinner at some point over the course of the eight-night celebration we call Hanukkah (spelling squabbles aside).

Twin Cities Food Blogs Talk Hanukkah

We’re partial to Noshin’s Jewish cooking recipes, but if you’re a fan of food (and who isn’t?), the Twin Cities have some awesome foodie blogs. In honor of Hanukkah, several wrote about Jewish recipes for the holiday, and a few of our favorites highlighted the fine recipes of Sara, our Noshin’ blogger.

Noshin’ Recipe: Easy Sufganiyot

The holiday season is upon us. In one short week, Hanukkah and its eight nights of fried food madness commence. Now, I may be a purist with many things — and often that includes baking — but I have a nifty trick I think you’re going to like: jelly-filled donuts, or sufganiyot, in roughly 15 minutes, with no frying. Is it blasphemy to serve a baked version of a traditionally fried food during the holiday centered around oil? Probably — but I’m doing it anyway.

TC Jewfolk Kicks Off Hanukkah Blog Series

Hanukkah is a great example of the Jewish Holiday motto “They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat.” If you want the rest of the details for the holiday – you know, questions like Who tried to kill us? How did we win? What do we eat? Where can I buy great Hanukkah gifts in the Twin Cities? What are cool Hanukkah events in Minneapolis and St. Paul? – don’t miss TC Jewfolk’s 2009 Hanukkah blog series.

Noshin’ Recipe: Sweet Potato Latkes

Do you smell that? Oh yes you do! It’s the smell of delicious things frying in the kitchen! Hanukkah isn’t just the festival of light, it’s the festival of light because it’s really the festival of oil.