Minnesota Mamaleh: Holiday Gifts

Hanukah can be a time when gift giving gets out of control. This year, Jason and I tackled the problem head on and came up with creative ways to make family gifts more meaningful.

Learning From Hanukah’s Miracles

Although the Book of Maccabees and the siddur attribute the victory to God, nothing would have happened unless the Maccabeees picked up their swords and shields and went to battle.

Minnesota Mamaleh: “Merry Christmas” Grumps

You know when you walk into a store, a movie theatre, a restaurant, a bus, really ANYWHERE anytime after Thanksgiving, and you buy your gift, movie ticket, meal, bus ticket and so on, you inevitably get wished a “Merry Christmas?” How do you feel about that? Warm and fuzzy or … not so much?

Hands of Light: A Traveler’s Hanukkah

It sits on my shelf, a poor relation to the stone menorah with its carvings of children holding up our candles every Hanukkah. THAT menorah is weighty with memories. THAT menorah is staying home.

Noshin’ Recipe: Easy Sufganiyot

The holiday season is upon us. In one short week, Hanukkah and its eight nights of fried food madness commence. Now, I may be a purist with many things — and often that includes baking — but I have a nifty trick I think you’re going to like: jelly-filled donuts, or sufganiyot, in roughly 15 minutes, with no frying. Is it blasphemy to serve a baked version of a traditionally fried food during the holiday centered around oil? Probably — but I’m doing it anyway.

Alef List: Events 4 Hip Jews

Hanukkah is just about upon us, beginning at sundown on Friday, December 11th and running until sundown on Saturday, December 19th. This installment of the Alef List will focus on the cool things to do for Hanukkah.

TC Jewfolk Kicks Off Hanukkah Blog Series

Hanukkah is a great example of the Jewish Holiday motto “They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat.” If you want the rest of the details for the holiday – you know, questions like Who tried to kill us? How did we win? What do we eat? Where can I buy great Hanukkah gifts in the Twin Cities? What are cool Hanukkah events in Minneapolis and St. Paul? – don’t miss TC Jewfolk’s 2009 Hanukkah blog series.

PopRocks: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Ah, Hanukkah. (And yes, that’s my default spelling; feel free to disagree with me, but that’s how I roll.) The scent of fried potatoes, half-melted chocolates, gift-wrapping stress, and of course, the annual pressure of creating nightly candle color schemes. I’m not going to lie, I’m a total Hanukkah cynic.