An Imperfectly Perfect Journey of Purpose

WOW, WHAT A JOURNEY IT HAS BEEN! Security checkpoints, planes, buses, taxis, slippery Jerusalem stone, wheelchairs, jeeps, tunnels, laughter, tears, COVID, stories, stairs, windmills, Israeli dancing, deserts and desserts, gondola rides, Masada, Dead Sea, shuks, a lost phone, kibbutzes, Zionism, secularism, bomb shelters, Arab-Israeli perspectives and insights, Holocaust survivors, visonaries, graffiti, history, sirens of remembrance, […]

The Harry Kay Leadership Institute: A Historic Mission Comes to Fruition

Passport that doesn’t expire until 2024, check. Detailed 12-day childcare calendar for my family with every moment of our kids’ lives spelled out and color-coded, check. Anxiety paired with a pit in my stomach at the thought of going abroad for the first time in ages, check. Exhilaration to return to the holy land for […]

Jewish Job: Harry Kay Leadership Associate

Job Title: Harry Kay Leadership Associate Organization Name: Minneapolis Jewish Federation Job Type: Part-time Deadline: 2018-02-09 Job Summary/Description: The Harry Kay Leadership Associate is responsible for supporting the efforts within the Harry Kay Center of Leadership Excellence. This includes support of the Harry Kay Leadership Institute and Harry Kay Alumni Programming. This role will include, […]