Write to Rest

What is “Write to Rest” about? Often translated as “sabbatical year,” shmita (שמיטה‎) literally means release. Like the sabbath, the 7th day of rest within the week, shmita is the 7th year of rest in the calendar cycle as designated in the Torah. During a shmita year (in original form), land was to be left […]

September 2019 Get the Folk Out!

Sorry, this one’s a little late & after the long weekend, friends. I’m guessing (hoping?) I’m not alone in September sneaking up on me. Last night, I saw the first leaves of the year drop with a gust of wind… but then, my spirits were picked right back up watching everyone go to school for […]

High Holiday Dinner/Break-Fast Matchmaking

ICYMI, Rosh Hashanah begins the evening of Sunday, September 29, and Yom Kippur begins on Tuesday, October 8. The holidays continue with Sukkot, which begins on the evening of Oct. 13, and they finally come to an end with Simchat Torah on Tuesday, Oct. 22. Basically, it’s a whole month of celebration! And TC Jewfolk […]

No Tickets Necessary

The High Holy Days are not a time to be partly closing the door and forcing the request of entry.