An Imperfectly Perfect Journey of Purpose

WOW, WHAT A JOURNEY IT HAS BEEN! Security checkpoints, planes, buses, taxis, slippery Jerusalem stone, wheelchairs, jeeps, tunnels, laughter, tears, COVID, stories, stairs, windmills, Israeli dancing, deserts and desserts, gondola rides, Masada, Dead Sea, shuks, a lost phone, kibbutzes, Zionism, secularism, bomb shelters, Arab-Israeli perspectives and insights, Holocaust survivors, visonaries, graffiti, history, sirens of remembrance, […]

Artist Reception – Landscapes of Home: Vision of Sovev Kinneret

APRIL 25 – MAY 31 MINNESOTA JCC SABES CENTER & CAPP CENTER GALLERIES RECEPTION: MAY 2 • SABES CENTER • 6–8 PM (Artist talk with photographer Linda Passon-McNally at 7 PM) Join us for this artists reception in celebration of the gallery exhibit, Landscapes of Home: Vision of Sovev Kinneret Reception featuring work by Israeli artists Amos […]

The Harry Kay Leadership Institute: A Historic Mission Comes to Fruition

Passport that doesn’t expire until 2024, check. Detailed 12-day childcare calendar for my family with every moment of our kids’ lives spelled out and color-coded, check. Anxiety paired with a pit in my stomach at the thought of going abroad for the first time in ages, check. Exhilaration to return to the holy land for […]

September 2019 Get the Folk Out!

Sorry, this one’s a little late & after the long weekend, friends. I’m guessing (hoping?) I’m not alone in September sneaking up on me. Last night, I saw the first leaves of the year drop with a gust of wind… but then, my spirits were picked right back up watching everyone go to school for […]

February 2019 Get the Folk Out

They say nothing brings people together like the cold, right? Well, “they” clearly never dealt with a polar vortex. Fortunately, February looks to be… um… seriously!? This can’t be right. It’s still winter out there, huh? Hoo boy. Well, let’s just say, we need to find something to do before we go kokh m’shuge. Get […]

An Invitation Home

My first Shabbat service in more than 20 years was in Jerusalem. An atheist Jew, sitting on a hard, limestone terrace with my wife, a secular agnostic, under a hazy, thick night sky with 19 other couples who, outside of similar demographics, we barely knew. Our Rabbi invited us to join him in prayer if […]

A Farewell to Snow…

About three and half years ago, Shaked and I packed my car up with all of my stuff in Miami, and started a long road trip back to where I grew up – here in the Twin Cities. See, Shaked was trying to decide if she’d join me in Minnesota, but before that, she wanted […]

January 2019 Get the Folk Out

Greetings all, and happy new year! We’ll be trying something new out this month – Ian Fishman, who recently joined me (Charley) for a week in Israel with Honeymoon Israel. Ian wanted to take a crack out this month’s GTFO – so get ready! Starting the New Year Off Right Makom Fridays Friday, January 4th […]