December 2019 Get the Folk Out!

2019 is on the outs, friends. But December… December always holds some delightful farewells, and this one is no different. We’ve got some great parties — both in the professional […]

Yehiyeh Beseder: It Will Be All Right.

For Israelis there is no other option. When asked how everything will turn out – the economic crisis, possibility of attack, religious divisions, the answer is Yehiyeh Beseder. It will be all right.

The Unseen Shield

The Shin Bet (motto = “the unseen shield”) operates with transparency, providing personnel with legal propriety as they fulfill the responsibility of keeping Israelis out of harm’s way. An look at the organization and its history.

Peter Beinart, I Quit.

Dr. Yoel Finkelman was supposed to write about the ultra-Orthodox community for Beinart’s Daily Beast blog “Open Zion” about “Israel, Palestine, and the Jewish future.” He quit after several weeks. Read why.