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This Year in Israel: Gates

Wandering through Jerusalem, I realied that gates invite us to stop on our journey and take stock of where we’ve been and where we should go next. But the choice of direction is entirely up to us.

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The Road Not Traveled: A Day In Ancient Galilee

Where did your family come from? If you pose this question to American Jews, the response will likely be, "Russia," "Poland," "Germany," "Lithuania," "Hungary," or another country that was part of the Ashkenazi Jewish world. Ask that question in Israel and you will hear all of the above, plus "Yemen," "Iraq," "Iran," "Morocco," "Ethiopia," and more—a true ingathering of the exiles from every corner of the world.

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The Drive To Fit In

"It turns out I like my cars the way I like my men: Little, lithe and compact. And in bright colors." Jerusalem-based writer Abigail Pickus dishes on driving, cars, and men in Israel.

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