It's All About Story

Storytelling has a long tradition in Judaism. The artwork of Susan Weinberg continues the storytelling tradition by sharing stories of Holocaust survivors in danger of being lost to history.

Living With Leviticus: On Tattoos

In our zealous eagerness to prohibit all tattoos, we may have lost sight of our original mitzvah, to simply not tattoo as idol worship in order to foster a strong, lasting Jewish identity.

Art Call For Everybody: Create a Ticket to Jerusalem

I recently stumbled across the Ticket to Jerusalem mail art project. The idea is brilliantly simple: create a “perfect” airplane ticket to Jerusalem and mail it away. All of the entries will be posted online, and some will be selected to be exhibited internationally and published in a book (all artists selected for the book will receive a copy). I thought to myself, “wait a second . . . somebody like me, with no formal art training and an arguable amount of natural artistic talent, can be a published artist? And maybe even have my art exhibited?”