Ask Shuli: Synagogue Romance?

Dear Shuli: I have a crush on a boy at my shul, but I don’t know what to do! It should be easy, right? Help me, Shuli! Confused, — Minyanaire

Ask Shuli: Gentleman and Scholar?

Dear Shuli: I’ve been dating this Jewish guy for a few months. We talk about a range of topics (politics, the Vikings, movies), but I can’t get him to talk about anything of Jewish substance.

Ask Shuli: Meet the Parents

Dear Shuli: I’ve started dating a non-Jewish girl, and my parents are furious. Should I ignore them and hope they come around? –Romeo

Ask Shuli: Farmisht, not Blissed

Dear Shuli fans and skeptics (my favorites!): Hag sameach this fine Simchat Torah day, and a Shavua Tov (a good week) to you! This is a special edition of “Ask Shuli,” responding to your terrific comments on my latest column, “Living in Sin After Yom Kippur?”